Light Emitting Diode (L.E.D.) message boards & Custom Neon

Unlike traditional media such as newspaper and magazines, LED displays quickly capture attention with a combination of light, color, motion and graphics that get noticed. LEDs offer infinite options for creating a brand that gets remembered and, in turn, gets results. For most advertisers, the most important market is the local one. Think of LED displays as local advertising and sales partners that are “on” 24/7, working night and day to attract attention, deliver marketing messages and drive sales. LED displays are very cost-effective, as they run on about 40 to 60% less per thousand viewers than most other forms of advertising. When purchasing an LED display, it is important to understand a few basic principles that will help you select the right product for your application, so please ask to speak with one of our LED display system specialists.

Our in-house neon department is designed to creatively articulate any design you envision. Our neon facility offers custom versatility that can be used for exposed, border, or accent neon specifications.

Custom Fabricated Signs

  • Channel Letters
  • Monument Signs
  • Pylon Signs
  • Box Signs
  • Cut out (non-illuminated only)

Custom signs are not only architecturally pleasing, but can also mimic the look and feel of your building, projecting an even grander image. These signs can be internally illuminated, or lighted using floodlights. Our fabrication process unites you with the designers, manufacturers and sales staff so that you are in control of your project. Computer-driven technology provides precision cutting and routing, while some parts of the process still involve hands-on fabrication to ensure quality control at every point. Your image is our priority.

Architectural Signs

  • Directional Signs
  • Laser Engraving
  • Plaques
  • Sandblasted Signs (non-illuminated only)
  • Routed Foam Signs (non-illuminated only)

Architectural signs can greatly enhance the look and image of your property or business site. Material, shape, finishing and treatment of lettering are only limited by your imagination. All sandblasting and routing, as well as engraving and cutting, are created on our in-house router that is completely computer-driven, ensuring precision and quality.

Specialty Signs

  • Traffic Signs
  • Construction Signs
  • Push-Through
  • Goldleaf-Plated

Enhance the look of your sign with extras such as push-through letters, goldleafing, stud-mounting, metallic finishing, and other unique design elements. Our expert staff will listen to you closely and guide you to the right features that will make your signage stand out amidst the competitors. These extras can be used in any type of signage to characterize your products.

Digital Printing

  • Vinyl
  • Banners
  • Commercial Mobile Graphics

With our solvent ink digital printers we produce high-quality large-format prints. We print back-lit banners for mobile advertising, ready-to-hang advertising banners stitched and/or supplied with grommets, and provide custom full-color printing on vinyl or canvas/fabric materials of your choice.